Ein halbwm newydd, wedi’u recordio yn Stiwdio Felin Fach yn 2016 ac yn rhyddhawyd gan Recordiadau Sain.

“This is Carreg Lafar’s fourth album, released to mark their 20th anniversary. Their previous three albums are all regarded as classics, and Carreg Lafar has long been a band against which others are measured. They conjure a big, surging, confident sound-palette…..This album, like its predecessors, is a treasure chest of Welsh traditional songs and tunes. Y Cadno song and dance set has a delightful skip-rhythm that gives the set a Breton fest-noz quality. The traditional Welsh ballads Cariad Aur and Bwthyn Fy Nain and Glan Môr Heli all have sultry, sinuous, lush melodies……with the richly-textured contralto voice of Linda Owen Jones…..along with the sweeping, majestic instrumental accompaniment. One final thought…..mention should be made of the beguiling arrangement of Titrwm Tatrwm as a male-female duet. Titrwm Tatrwm is a night-visiting song from Anglesey, ‘titrwm tatrwm’ being the ‘pitter-patter’ sound of tiny stones being thrown at the bedroom window of the young lady by the besotted young man outside. Romantic beyond!” – fRoots, Paul Matheson

…..it’s magnetic, immediate, beguiling and so full-on that startled listeners could be soundly forgiven for taking a hasty step back from the speakers…..I could listen to Linda’s magnetic and dramatic singing time and time again; she has the brilliant knack of projecting her voice, throwing it so it lands right slap-bang in the laps of the audience – and the musicians spin mighty fine arrangements to burnish her considerable talent in its true colours…..Carreg Lafar sets light to my imagination and mind; Aur serves up some nourishing mental food for the soul. The thrilling mix of ancient Celtic instruments, spiced with inspiring arrangements, gives the band so much power, drive and absolute confidence…..” – Folk Wales, Mick Tems

….a critically acclaimed ensemble sound. Lead vocalist is Linda Owen Jones with her captivating perfect alto. She is supported by high-octane fiddler Rhian Evan-Jones, fire-breathing flutist James Rourke and piercing piper/pibgorn player Antwn Owen Hicks, the latter being one of the pioneers resurrecting the piping tradition of Wales. The four are made complete by the subtle backing of Danny Kilbride on guitar. Their latest offering is another selection of ten sumptous tracks.” – Folkworld

“Carreg Lafar have delivered something of major importance to Welsh culture, as well as arguably one of the best contemporary folk albums of 2016, as Aur is a collection of 10 traditional Welsh folk songs lovingly arranged by the band. Faultless and passionate playing – as you’d expect from Danny Kilbride, Linda Owen Jones, Antwn Owen Hicks, James Rourke & Rhian Evan Jones – just lifts this album way over the heads of many on the current traditional folk scene. Each track is sung in Welsh – a bold move some may say – but this adds to the authenticity and atmosphere that Carreg Lafar conjure with their deep and melodic music. Appealing to the English speaking masses may have ensured bigger sales but would have somehow devalued an inspiring and beautiful album.” – Welsh Connections

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At a time when so many Welsh releases are pushing the envelope and seeking to stand in line with a wider world – all honorable and worthy aims – it’s refreshing to come right back to the core and listen to the excellence that Welsh trad, done well, can conjure. ‘Profiad’ mixes a whole pile of trad vocal tracks with airs, original tunes and Meic Stevens’ epic tribute to a Merthyr labour martyr – ‘Dic Penderyn’. The band are sharp, their playing by turn breathily atmospheric, or paced and driving. Vocalist Linda Owen Jones carries all before her in splendid fashion, especially effective on the close harmony, ‘Y Dryw Bach’, which steams into the title track – fiddle, flute and pipes weaving a tight mattress for further lyrical wonder and a marvellously spirited Balkan close.” – fRoots

This is the most impressive album yet from Welsh band Carreg Lafar. They have a strong line up, with impressive and passionate vocals, both female and male and a very accomplished instrumental line-up of fiddle, flute/whistles, guitar and assorted bagpipes/mandola/percussion. A good ear for a melody and some excellent arrangements make this stand out as one of the finest albums of Welsh music I have heard – Paul Burgess. – Living Tradition

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Carreg Lafar have been together since 1993, and ‘Hyn’, (the title translates as This) is their second CD. Backbone of the Carreg Lafar sound are the vocal talents of Linda Owen Jones and Antwn Owen Hicks, who kick things off with a belting, ‘The Spinster/Bala Fair’. Carreg Lafar treat Welsh traditional material with a freshness and a skill that deserves to be heard far and wide. The next time I’m taking in the view from the top of the Black Mountains, you can guess what’s going to be in the Discman. – fRoots

A regular helping of traditional songs and tunes with marvellous arrangements and themes. The songs are conveyed in both traditional and contemporary harmonies. The instrumental tracks such as “Afon Yr Haf” (The Summer River) and “Llef Harlech/Aberdulais are performed beautifully with sensitive arrangements between flute, fiddle, percussion, guitar and Welsh bagpipes…(yes – we’ve got them too!). Overall a well arranged, well produced CD. A fine example of Welsh folk music at its best, and one I’d recommend to anyone. – Living Tradition

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“It’s not often that you can accuse a pure traditional Welsh outfit of being rowdy, noisy and loutish – in the most creative and entertaining way you understand – but stand up that band…you are Carreg Lafar. This is a right spirited to-do and no mistake….all you really have to do is sit in a big, old chair with headset on and prepare to have your wig flipped. Yeeow!” – fRoots